‘The Train’ zine: an exploration on railways and printed matter

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Wayfarer Books’ second printed zine is here: ‘The Train’ zine explores books and other printed matter about railways.

Read about:

– The 19th century trend on train wreck postcards (and start your own collection!)

– ‘What the train means’: an article about the use of trains as a literary device and as backdrop in fiction.

Train propaganda and how railway photobooks were used to push the agenda of those in power in the USA and Russia – obliterating the memory of native populations pushed away by railroads and the railway workers who died to bring “progress” forward.

– What Rebecca Solnit, Émile Zola, Harry Potter, Dziga Vertov, Michel Foucault, Vladimir Mayakovski or Czar Nicholas II (and others) all think about trains

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‘The Train’ zine, in numbers:

– 20 stapled pages printed on sustainable graspapier, A5 size.

– 4 full-colour postcards that interact with the zine.

– More than 15 archive photographs dig from the NYPL Digital Archives, Internet Archive and others.

– And 19 reading references (books & academic articles ) about trains.


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