Is there room for utopia after utopia?KAJET Journal issue 2

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Kajet Journal issue 2 explores the topic of utopias in Eastern Europe.

The fall of the Soviet bloc brought down not only a political system, but a set of ideas – particularly, the notion that an alternative to capitalism was possible.

Instead, Eastern Europe countries faced “a new environment marked by commodification, precarity, dread, alienation and deppression”.

The second issue of KAJET Journal, ‘On Utopias’ explores how new utopian values can be constructed in Eastern Europe, and further.

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KAJET Journal Issue 2 reads almost as a manifesto. It suggests using dreams not as a “lethargic state of being, a primordial, passive state” but using “the act of dreaming as a state of full inmersión, a speculative condition where the prospect of a better future can be imagined”.

Flick through its pages to learn about the porcelain statuettes in Romania and how they provided domestic equality, the bretzel as an utopian snack and how the Freetekno raves liberated minds (or not).

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KAJET Journal ‘s texts vary from 1st-person memoir narratives to essay and chronicles. A number of very talented collaborators are in charge of providing insight into utopia in Eastern Europe.

What makes it even more appealing is that, through quotations, KAJET Journal transforms into dozens of more readings –  books, articles…

Design-wise, the magazine is stunning: from its original, plastic-wrapped cover, to its ever-changing layout – turn its pages and you won’t be disappointed!

Open KAJET Journal to open a window to a deep understanding of Eastern Europe.

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