Explore books about cities with ‘The city’ zine


‘The city’ zine is here, and it’s FREE for subscribers (along with any other past zines)

‘The City’ zine explores different books about cities, and the questions raised by big metropolis:

What does it mean to live in a city in the 21st century?

Do cities create inequality? Do they create alienation?

How can we improve cities?

Should they be completely erradicated?

Does walking in a city awake our subconcious mind?

Can we create cities in space?

These and more questions are answered in this free zine available for Wayfarer Books’ subscribers.


Appart from the zine, Wayfarer Books’ subscribers get:

– Other quarterly zines. These quarterly publications that explore a single topic through a variety of angles.

They provide essays, book reviews and author recommendations and biographies.

– Announces when new bookish blog posts are uploaded to the site (once or twice a month, or less – this is not an exact science)

That’s it! 🙂

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