Wayfarer books is an online (and sometimes print) publication about books, travel and the intersection of these two.

It is a place for discovering new books and new angles to old books. The same with cities and places.

Founded, edited, written and everything else by Alba, pictured right here on the NYC subway.

Want to know where to start?

– Head out to the Reading Itineraries page to see use books as a means to travel (in the broadest sense of the world).

– Go to Museums & Archives to see the places that have kindly opened their doors for Wayfarer Books to babble about them.

– And then there are the ZINES. These are bibliographic explorations of a single topic.

Some of them are downloadable PDFs, free for subscribers. For instance, the ‘Women Travel Writers’ zine or ‘The City’ zine.

Some others, I have printed them so that you can get your hands on them, feel them and see printed images close-up, as well as buy them and support my work as a blogger. This is the case of ‘The Sea’ zine.

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